*Groan* Seriously Obama, Joe Biden?  Really?  Obama seems to be making his decisions from Bizzaro world.  Is Joe Biden really “CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN”?  Is Obama, with this decision, “CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN”?  Let’s see… Joe Biden… 35 years in the Senate… TWO failed presidential runs.

Here’s your cheat sheet for the elections people.

John “McSame” McCain

Barrack “OSame” Obama

Don’t worry, whoever wins the election, it will be politics as usual.  The Agent of Change has proven himself to be the Agent of SAME.  Wouldn’t it make more sense for Obama’s ticket to be Biden/Obama?

I'm not laughing with you.  I'm laughing AT you.

Laughing AT you, not WITH you.


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