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Paris Hilton’s energy policy.

August 6, 2008

View her video:

It’s meh, but it’s better than Barack Obama’s plan.  I don’t think the big car companies need tax incentives to get Detroit making hybrid and electric cars.  They seem to be putting their own money into hybrid and electric.  Plus, that would give them an unfair advantage over other companies working on hybrid and electric technologies.  Tesla Motors and Aptera Motors are based out of California.

Tesla Motors – Tesla Roadster (Plug In Electric Car)
Range: 220mi
Price: $100,000+
In production now

Tesla Roadster Charging

Tesla Roadster Charging

Aptera Motors – Aptera Typ-1e (Plug In Electric Car)
Range: 120mi
Price: $26,900
Production est end of 2008

Aptera Typ-1

Aptera Typ-1

Different views on Energy Policy:


Drill, Drill, Drill for OIL

August 5, 2008

Nancy “I’m trying to save the planet, I’m trying to save the planet” Pelosi:

Congress goes on Summer Recess:

But she’s trying to save the planet right?  RIGHT?!?!?:

Inflate your tires: *EDIT: Other video is no longer available.  This one is good too though.* “Making sure your tires are inflated… we could save all the oil they’re talking about getting off drilling if everyone was just inflating their tires?  And getting regular tuneups?  You could save just as much.”  Riiiiight….